Our mission is to create a community that betters the lives of individuals and families who have been affected by a spinal cord injury.


Our journey didn't begin overnight. It began long, long ago. It started when we were children. It didn't start with us. It started with our parents, our grandparents, our friends. It started with one simple lesson. Gratitude. We were taught to be grateful for the things we had, the places we went, and the people we met. We learned to be grateful for the lifelong friendships we created. These were the people who would stick by us even in the darkest times.

We took the things we learned and started to explore the rock we call "Earth." We went high into the mountains. So high you were in the clouds. We went far into the ocean. So far that you couldn't see land. We explored concrete jungles with buildings so big they blocked out the sun. We met people. Lots of people. People from all different parts of the rock we were exploring. Most of the time, these people were not that different from us. They also were grateful for the same things we were. Health, happiness, family, and friends. Some of those people we will never see again. Some of those people we now consider family.