Trevor Howard

Trevor's story began in February 2015 on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain, California. After hitting a jump in Main Park he had done hundreds of times, he rotated incorrectly and landed on his back, causing multiple cervical fractures at C5 and C6. The excellent Mammoth Ski Patrol took him carefully down the mountain, where he was airlifted to Reno for surgery. After a C4-C7 fusion and a week in the ICU, he was told that he would make a full recovery. As his body healed and he began to resume the activities he loves, Trevor realized more and more how truly lucky he was. After a few years wondering "Why me? Why am I so lucky?" the answer became clear. Trevor's mission is to help others get back to being independent, pushing themselves to realize that they are not dead yet. Those who have experienced spinal cord injuries have a whole life in front of them, and it is INDY.CLUB's goal to create a community that enriches the lives of individuals and families who have been affected by a spinal cord injury.

"I realize that I am one of the most fortunate people in the world. After such a major accident and surgery, I am back to doing the things I love. Surfing, running, biking, climbing, and even snowboarding. I want to share that passion with others. Whether it is getting you more comfortable with your new life, helping you become more independent, or getting you in the water or on a mountain, INDY.CLUB is a community to be alongside you every step of the journey.” - Trevor Howard



Alex Agan

Alex was raised in the Great Northwest, just outside the city of Portland. Growing up loving skiing, movies, and watching Oregon Duck Football, he studied advertising at the School of Journalism & Communication at the University of Oregon. After graduating, Alex accepted a job at Aruba Networks and developed his skills as an account manager. With a long-term girlfriend, a job that offered a comfortable living, Alex’s life seemed stable. Until it wasn’t.

At the age of 24, Alex suffered a spinal cord injury during a family trip to Mexico on Thanksgiving break. The injury was to his neck, making him quadriplegic. The following 7 months Alex would live in hospitals. First, fighting for his life, then, fighting to regain strength and adapt to a “new normal”. Since his return from the hospital, Alex has managed to embrace his new life and has re-established his identity. Independence is always the goal, Alex has learned that there are two key factors to success: individual determination and communal support. This is why Alex believes INDY.CLUB it’s a community that supports fellow SCI folks and celebrates those who tackle mountains and just keep living.