Photo by Ana Catarina

Victoria Feige

After a snowboarding accident left Victoria partially paralyzed, she returned to skiing and surfing. She trained hard to become an accomplished adaptive surfer on the competitive scene. Victoria has been surfing for Team Canada since 2016 and holds the world record for most women’s para surfing wins. Victoria has won four consecutive ISA Para Surfing World Championships and every contest in her division for 5 years. She is looking to progress the sport toward the Paralympic inclusion.

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Photo by Cliff Schumacher

Ashley Bunting

After college Ashley decided to go back home and give back to her community by becoming a teacher and a coach. Ashley taught middle school, coached middle school volleyball, and coached high school basketball for two years. When she decided this career path was not for her and started looking into nursing programs she decided to move to California. After being in California for 4 days, on June 4, 2018, her life dramatically changed after being in a terrible car accident. Ashley was in ICU for two weeks on a ventilator and feeding tube. Medical personnel told her she would never be able to breathe, eat, talk, or walk again.

Ashley then went to Craig Hospital in Englewood, CO, where she started making incredible progress. She learned how to breathe on her own again. Next, learned how to talk and eat. Ashley started becoming independent again. After returning home Ashley now goes the gym and physical therapy to continue progress as well as for mental health. She still enjoys traveling and trying new activities and sports. In November 2022 Ashley went to Hawaii for a surf camp and fell in love with the sport. She decided there she wanted to start competing. With the help of INDY.CLUB Ashley was able to go to her first competition 6 months later.

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Hannah Dines

Hannah Dines is proud to call herself an INDY.CLUB original; she brings that gnarly cold-water edge and the dark British humor which is INDY.CLUB namesake. She's a proud disabled person with congenital cerebral palsy and lives by her own catchphrase "Born to Move". She wasn't allowed to do sport at school because of "health and safety" but found a way, aged 19 and never looked back. Cerebral palsy affects all of Hannah's muscles making her look more ripped than she actually is because of stiffness and high tone. This proves useful in almost zero situations unless trying to beat INDY.CLUB's Trevor in a flexing contest. 

Hannah is also a fierce competitor in the surfing world. She made it onto the podium at her first World Championships in 2021 and now sits at the top of the Para surf league. In one way it's all about gold medals but in another she knows that performance, change and innovation in sport is only possible within communities that invest in people with disabilities. So that's what she fights for most of all. 
She has shoved an indecently large amount of life into thirty years. She's represented Great Britain at the Paralympics (Rio 2016), been a Paralympic pundit (Tokyo 2020), is a trained biomedical scientist and sports physiologist, tutored Olympians and Paralympian's who missed school because of sport, almost moved to the Gold Coast to study but got too sick, wrote hit pieces for national newspapers making disability, women's health and activism relatable and has most recently driven the development of the world's first line of purpose made adaptive surfboard grips (by Surfdek). 
She's been on the run from the hospital for two years after a super rare autoimmune disease started gunning for her vital organs (PSC). It's totally separate from her cerebral palsy but a lot together in one body. She'd like to thank Alex and Trevor from INDY.CLUB who have donated a considerable amount of money towards her World Championships costs, as well as John Cleese in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for giving her the best catchphrase yet, respectively. "I'm not dead yet" (INDY, get it?). 
Sam Scribner

In 2016, Sam faced an unimaginable challenge when he broke his neck, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. We met Sam early on when starting INDY.CLUB and stayed connected with him over the last few years.

Sam was a passionate surfer before his life-altering injury, and his unwavering love for the water drove him to stay connected to his passion. If you’re in NSB, Florida, you’ll likely spot him at the beach, capturing the talent of local surfers through his lens.

Recently, Sam released an absolutely EPIC edit from summer 2023, and we can’t emphasize enough how much all you surf fans need to check it out, especially if you call Florida home! He threw a rad viewing event in NSB, and boy it looked like a good time!

Sam embodies the very essence of INDY.CLUB, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with him. Beyond his surfing photography, Sam is a brilliant photographer in his own right.
Corey was born in Hawai`i and grew up in the Seattle area. In 2010, on a trip back to O'ahu for his cousin’s graduation, he was in a diving accident that resulted in a SCI and Quadriplegia at the C5/C6 level.

Prior to this accident, Corey was a 3-sport athlete in high school (Football, Wrestling, Track); He excelled in wrestling as a 3x state participant and was named to the All City and All Conference teams three times as a defensive back in Football.
Corey also played a year of NCAA DIII Football for the University of Puget Sound.

Post injury, Corey earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington and is CTE certified through Bates Technical College. He currently is a 9th grade Health Teacher in the DOE Hawai`i. Through Nonprofit organizations like AccesSurf and INDY.CLUB, Corey now enjoys surfing, paddling and swimming - and is working to compete in the near future.
Meet Natalia: Our First Costa Rican Ambassador! 

"I am a wheelchair user since 2008 due to a Spinal Cord Injury working as a civil engineer. I have always loved the ocean and I got into surfing as a person with a disability in 2016, thanks to my friend Juan Manuel Camacho.
My first competition was the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship in 2017, getting bronze medal in the women unassisted prone category. I am the actual president of the Costa Rican Association of Adaptive Surfing and I love to get more people with disabilities into the adaptive surfing.
As a civil engineer, I am really interested in the way the environment allows people with disabilities to have an active participation in society, so I did a postgraduate studies in Accessibility and Design for All at the University of Catalunya, Spain in 2015. I am also certified as an advanced professional in accessibility of the built environment, by the International Association of Accessibility Professional (IAAP).
I am an independent accessibility consultant and help private and public organizations to transform their buildings into a more friendly places for people with disabilities.
I also do talks and workshops about disability, accessibility and empowerment through adaptive surfing. I am also a wellness advocate and support people who want to improve their quality of life through the use of essential oils."